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Education System


Edmark Education System is a series of Seminars and Trainings specialize in Personal Development, Sales and Marketing, Team-Building, Leadership, Communications, Relationship Building, Relationship Marketing and Health. Its objective is to promote man’s total well-being through a holistic approach.

The education system life cycle consists of the following training:


Membership Drive Rally
Audience: Non-Distributors
Objective: To get them to sign-up for the business.


New Distributors Training
Audience: New Distributors
Objective: To equip new distributors with overview knowledge of Edmark business and the marketing plan.


Healthy Living Seminar
Audience: Distributors
Objective: To equip distributors with product knowledge.


Success Sytem Manager
Audience: NDT / HLS Graduates
Objective: To provide advance training in the Marketing Plan and building your Edmark Business.


Working Smart Seminar
Audience: Distributors
Objective: To equip distributors with the knowledge of MLM Industry, the difference in all the various compensation plan and how to maximize distributors bonus.


Train the Trainor Seminar
Audience: SSM Graduates
Objective: To train distributors in Selling, Motivating and Coaching.


Goals Setting Seminar
Audience: Leaders / Graduates of the above events
Objective: To inspire managers / distributors to achieve Crown Level.


Leadership and Team Building Camp
Audience: EES Graduates
Objective: To equip distributors with leadership skills and instill the values and groundwork for Teamwork.


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